About inner bloom

The name inner bloom evolved from a mixture of personal experiences, inner desires/wishes and the knowledge that psychotherapy and sound may bring about profound personal growth and healing. 

The ancient rune ‘inguz’ which forms the inner bloom logo, is a symbol of creativity, fertility, potentiality, DNA, and growth; literally translating to ‘seed’. It also represents the four selves – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual which is such an important part of the work that inner bloom Sound Temple offers. The body and mind work in union and are not two separate entities, something which is frequently forgotten in our society. 

The inner bloom Sound Temple aims to listen to the ‘whole’ body-mind, and honour all aspects of the self. By allowing a tiny ‘inner seed’ to ‘bloom’ into moments of learning, creativity, change and potentiality. To allow ourselves to flourish and become the person our soul sings for.

Available Treatments

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A-25 Laughing Buddha

C+10 Ocean Indium

D-15 Zeal Point Aura Gold

F-20 Rose Quartz, Pink Ocean Gold (tall)

D#-45 Ebony Aura Gold

D+30 Ocean Indium, Pink Ocean Gold


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